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The Disney Movie Club, which I first joined in September 2016 and am now on my third enrollment, has a refer a friend program where you can submit an email address of a friend and Disney will send them a sign-up email for the club. If they sign up you get to pick two “free” movies (have to pay shipping). I knew one person who thought they might want to join and I sent them an email, but nothing ever came of it. Not that many people buy physical media anymore though a lot of the movies come with digital versions. They also let you create a unique link to the club that is supposed to work the same way. I don’t have any realistic expectation of having an audience with this blog, but I hoped some random person might see my post about the club, decide it was a good deal (which it totally can be if you use the promo codes), and sign up using my link in that post, which never happened. I am still not sure that if you use my link and then use a promo code that I would get free disks, but it cost me nothing to put the link there. Honestly, I would rather people use the promo code and get a good deal than for them to get a bad deal and I get free disks (the deal without the promo code, by adding one more commitment title that you pay $25-$35 for, is bad enough that even if I gave them the two free disks, they would still come out better just using the promo code). Then yesterday I got an email from “Friendbuy” and the preview said “Good News! A friend has joined the Club”. I thought it was spam or maybe a Best Buy promotion, but I warily opened it today and it was from Disney Movie Club. Yay! My refer a friend dashboard shows the email address of the person and it is not someone I know, so thank you random person! They signed up on January 14. The email address and signup date are the only things I know about them.

The list of free movies available is pretty good, but not everything DMC has, not even all of the titles they offer for enrollment (but close). There are a lot of DVD titles and older Blu-ray plus DVD titles without a digital copy that I want to avoid. I have a list of six movies I might pick for my next enrollment (no, you can’t refer yourself) and three of those were on the list of free titles I could get. Two of the titles on my future enrollment list aren’t even out yet. So the only one that was missing was the most recent Signature Collection title, The Lion King, but I got the previous Signature release, Bambi, from my list. They also had the new editions of all the Marvel titles (Blu-ray and Digital; some of the earlier editions also included a DVD) that came out last September back to Iron Man, so I picked the first Guardians of the Galaxy which was on my enrollment list. Shipping for both was $5.44, which is great since each of these is over $20 at the store.

The only downside is I was planning on re-enrolling in June after I buy The Last Jedi to finish my current club commitment, but this took two items off of my list, leaving me short of the six titles I need to do an enrollment (you get 5 for $1, but you definitely want to take the 6th for $12 because it counts as a commitment, leaving you with only two more $25 disks to buy). Not a bad problem to have and the only worry about waiting to re-join was that Bambi might go back in the vault and now that isn’t a problem.

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