Colorado National Monument

As part of the drive out West, we stopped at Colorado National Monument. We were able to navigate the winding roads and some steep grades and then stop at most of the viewpoints along Rim Rock Drive that runs on the top of the plateau. From the first viewpoint at Cold Shivers Point, you could tell it would be spectacular. For some reason there was no wind and you could stand overlooking the cliff in complete silence.

Cold Shivers Viewpoint

Ute Canyon

Ted at CNM

Juniper trees grow with twisted trunks which gives the tree greater strength in the high winds:

Twisted Juniper

These features are called the Coke Ovens:

Coke Ovens

The appropriately named “Grand View”:

Grand View

It seems to work better as a panorama:

Grand View Panorama

The left-most tower is called Independence Monument and they have a tradition of climbing up the 450-foot tower every July 4 to raise a flag at the top.

Independence Monument

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