I’ve gotten a couple of e-mails from Martti since he went back to Estonia. For my birthday he sent me the following birthday card:

That crazy Garfield!!!

I was reading a story in CNN about new airport x-ray machines that can see through clothing and found a likely cause of Martti’s troubles with airport security. The article said:

>>Traditional X-ray machines used to scan baggage have often struggled to identify plastic explosives, accidentally sounding alarms when detecting chocolate, cheese and peanut butter because of their similar density to the explosive Semtex.<<

So (as you will recall) here is Martti traveling around with a large half-full container of peanut butter with a cellophane lid on it to take home. He said the security people did seem to be very interested in it.

Also he found the blog site after visiting my web page and read all the stories about the Estonians. I was afraid he might take offense, but he said he found it helpful in telling people what the experience was like. He had a hard time describing it and then here was all this information about it already written! He even copied it all into a text file and asked if I minded if he used it to show to people (he took out the e-mail addresses from the comments). Why not?

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