Katie follow-up

Today marks 8 weeks since Katie’s surgery (see the update at 4 weeks). She seems about 95% recovered, barely limping and being pretty normal. But I know she can’t really run at full speed or jump as high as she usually does. I took her in this morning and the vet was very pleased with her x-rays. But there is still a pretty substantial gap on one side of the bone where new bone hasn’t filled in yet. That’s normal and he says that at this point there’s almost no chance that she could do anything to mess up the surgery, like pull out a screw or bend the plate.

That means I can start taking her on walks up to the full 2 miles over the next few weeks. After 8 more weeks she will have another follow-up visit and hopefully be given a clean bill of health to do regular Katie stuff.

Meanwhile, Lucy is staying with me for a week while her owners are on vacation. She’s a very cute little version of Katie with a *lot* of energy. Since she’s an only dog in her house she’s used to getting all the attention and toys and it doesn’t work that way in my house. Still she’s have a lot of fun and everyone is getting along well.

See the conclusion to this series.

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