Katie’s surgery Part 2

This is a continuation of the original post

Katie is now half-way through her recuperation. The staples were taken out two weeks ago and the doctor seemed satisfied with the progress, but I still have to take it easy for the full eight weeks. They seemed a little disappointed that Katie had gotten a couple of staples out and the scar hadn’t grown together perfectly. In parts where the staples stayed put there’s just a little line, but other parts are still red even at 4 weeks. I would guess the scar is about 85% healed. She still licks it some. At least half the hair has grown back on her leg so she is at least all black again.

At eight weeks they will take x-rays and make sure the bone has grown back together and then we can start doing therapy by taking progressively longer walks.

Katie is doing pretty well. I haven’t been taking Clio for walks either so we are all suffering and getting stir crazy (and gaining weight in the case of me and Clio at least; Clio and I have gone to Stone Mountain with Susan and her dogs the last couple of weekends). Katie still doesn’t put much weight on the hurt leg, but doesn’t keep it raised off the ground either. She really wants to play but we can’t do anything physical.

See a follow-up entry.

2 thoughts on “Katie’s surgery Part 2

  1. So how does Katie contain her excitement when you come home from work?

    All dogs love peanut butter bones… maybe that would keep her from licking the wound.

    Poor puppy. Hopefully she will be better soon.

  2. She will be at six weeks this Thursday (today’s post was actually a continuation I wrote after 4 weeks and turned into a separate post today) so her scar is healed over and she doesn’t lick it, but it still looks pretty bad (as I’m writing this I look down and Katie is licking her leg. Stop Katie!). She gets pretty excited when I come home, but not as excited as she does when other people come over so when I come home she doesn’t jump up on me. Though I’m not supposed to I have taken her for a couple of very short walks just so she could get out. She walks around in the house and in the backyard so I didn’t see any harm in taking her for a walk. Except that she gets *very* excited when I get the leash out, so that isn’t so good. She walks pretty much without a limp now though she kind of hitches sometimes when she walks. I would say she is definitely in better shape now than she was before the surgery, but not 100%.

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