I have been hearing about a new development coming that would be built where the Avondale stations south parking lot is now located. The problem with that is that is where I have parked every day for the last 20 years. I can go to the north lot, which will probably be even more crowded now, or go to Kensington.


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  1. Even after taking the picture and writing this blog entry, I still forgot the lot would be closing today, though I probably would have tried anyway. Sadly, it is closed for sure. So I drove to Avondale’s north lot, which was completely full. I could drive further in towards East Lake (no parking at Decatur), but there is a lot of traffic going towards town and through Decatur, so I went to Kensington. Plenty of parking and it doesn’t take long to get there, but it makes the ride a minute or two longer. So probably I am losing about 5 minutes per trip, twice a day, with this change. More time to watch videos, I guess.

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