Pizza and Cookies

I went to Kroger with my new renter, David, last night. He really keeps up with food and has strong feelings about all the garbage that people eat and how just about everything is marketed (what he calls propaganda). I had some DiGiorno pizza coupons and Kroger had those pizzas on sale. Looking in the freezer section, they had a Deluxe version of pizza that includes chocolate chip cookie dough for a dozen tollhouse cookies. Pizza and Cookies! I knew I had to get them to show David (who was off shopping on his own).

Once we got back to the car, I showed him the box. Not only are these two things that David can’t eat since they have gluten (and an extra sore point is that people with Celiac disease tend to agree that pizza is one of the things they miss the most), but the idea of combining two things with so many calories that are so bad for you in one box is just amazing. David was suitably outraged. We imagined there must also be a Saturday morning ad campaign to go with this product, telling kids to go ask their parents for Pizza and Cookies for dinner. What a product.

One thought on “Pizza and Cookies

  1. One neat thing about the combo is that they both use the same oven temperature, so once the pizza is done, you can put the cookies in. I had half a pizza and 3 of 12 cookies for lunch. The cookies are better than the pizza.

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