Publix Ice Cream

This week Publix had half gallons of their premium ice creams 2 for $5. It’s about as good a price as they offer it and they still use real half gallons, unlike Breyers and others who shortchange you by keeping 25% of your ice cream.

A few months ago I got a really intense chocolate ice cream called Chocolate Trinity which is dark chocolate ice cream with a magic shell type of crunchy swirl and chocolate bits. This past week I bought one they call Cappuccino Fudge Blitz that is really good. It is a coffee flavored ice cream with white chocolate cream nuggets, mocha espresso brownies (like cookie dough), and chocolate marble. There are grainy things in there that turn out to be real coffee grounds. This is about my favorite ice cream there is right now. Well, until I have something else in my freezer.

2 thoughts on “Publix Ice Cream

  1. Sounds so delicious! I’m glad I don’t have any of that in my freezer!

    I just watched a video of us in 1998 going through Uncle Edward and Aunt Mary Ann’s freezer looking for a paint brush.

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