Peace Corps 2010 Reunion

This is a place where Thai 92 people can write information about a possible reunion in 2010. Starting off, let’s see who is interested and offer a suggestion for a general place. Then we can figure out a week. Then maybe we can actually get a head count and make a reservation. I think Marci and Julian should be in charge.

I’ll start out. I’m interested and will go just about anywhere. My only conflict is June 6-12.

Please post a comment below and we’ll see what happens . . .

3 thoughts on “Peace Corps 2010 Reunion

  1. I’m interested and would love to go somewhere fun for all the kids (selfishly hoping that all these lovely 7-12 year olds could help me keep Cali busy and out of trouble during the trip!) Right now the only conflict for us is over Labor day weekend.

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