Last year I started making iced coffee at home. I was using Folger individual serving “tea bags” to make the coffee, then adding sugar, cooling it down, then adding milk and pouring it over ice. When Publix had bricks of coffee as their mystery penny item (mystery solved), I got one. That savings meant I then had to go buy a coffee maker (a tiny Mr. Coffee) plus filters. So I did that for a while and Jeb even gave me some Starbucks coffee for my birthday.

It’s not like I was drinking coffee every day, though when it got cold I did start drinking it hot. And I wasn’t drinking that much, but I would still wind up with some headaches that I attributed to the coffee (could also be related to sleep apnea).

So this last time when the Publix mystery item was a brick of coffee in either regular or decaf, I decided to try decaf. Even after reading about the various processes to decaffeinate coffee, I’m still not sure how it works, but Publix says it uses only water to decaffeinate the beans (instead of stronger solvents) before grinding them.

So far, so good. I don’t notice much difference in the taste and I don’t think I’m getting headaches. When Mom comes home I can give her an unopened penny brick of Publix coffee I’ve had in my freezer.

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