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Apple introduced a new lineup of iPods yesterday. Once again, Apple failed to deliver what I wanted: a high capacity widescreen iPod. The Touch dropped a little in price, but with 32 GB for $399, it is still pretty high. Plus I’m not sure it has all of the functionality of the Palm TX yet that I would like to be able to replace with it (still need a database program that can sync with Access, a spreadsheet that syncs with Excel, and cut and paste; offline browsing would be good too).

The nanos, however, are pretty neat. They doubled the capacity to 16 GB, returned the old shape, and added portrait or landscape viewing. I think the screen is probably still too small for movies (it is the same screen as the 3G nano, just turned sideways, as suggested last year in one of my comments). One neat thing is that to shuffle the songs, you shake it. That’s just hilarious. It comes in some great colors too. I’m leaning towards purple, blue, or red, but the yellow is kind of neat looking too. Someone on iLounge pointed out that the yellow ones are already being called bananos, so it’s almost worth it to get yellow just for that. Suggestions?

Mom said she’d like to borrow my fatty 3G nano I got last year.


11 thoughts on “New iPods

  1. Kelly, Danny, and I like our “matchbook” nanos. The small square size is great. I’d like to see the new ones in person. The screen doesn’t look much bigger than the matchbook nano. Smaller screen than I thought it was going to be. Seems like it got stretched and there’s a bunch of space around the top/bottom of the wheel. Not sure I get the round advantage. I like flat. Sits on the table / desktop nicely. Like bright colors, though. I would get green, yellow, or orange.

  2. Ordered a purple one today from Amazon with 4% going to Defenders of Wildlife. Apple would have shipped immediately whereas Amazon will says it will be 10 days, but Amazon won because they don’t charge sales tax. Apple would have also engraved it for free, but I had my 3G engraved and now that I don’t need it anymore I realize engraving just hurt the resale value. I was strongly considering the red one, but that one is available only at Apple.

  3. Scratch that. I canceled the Amazon order and ordered a red one from Apple. Because it is red, some amount (I think I remember seeing $10) goes to fight AIDS. This way I will get it next week. Oh, and I got it engraved.

  4. Happy ending. Yes, you MUST get it engraved and include an e-mail address (which saved Claire’s). I don’t think it hurts resale value. You can offer to contact the buyer if it is lost.

    Why did you feel compelled to replace your current nano, which is so young?

  5. I have iPod money to spend and the Touch was too expensive to buy without getting what I wanted (though my iPod account has built up enough money to get both, even after donating $810 to CARE so far). At 16 GB, this has almost as much capacity as my original iPod. I engraved my phone number rather than my e-mail address.

  6. Oh boy! I’m almost the proud recipient of a fatty 3G nano. Now, won’t that impress my friends? Of course, I realize, it’s just on loan, but I don’t have to tell everything.

    UT, I have never known you to be wishy-washy, but it sure sounds like that on this decision. Hope you like the red one.

  7. Shipped from Shengzhen! Last year it shipped on the 7th and arrived on the 10th, but this time it shipped in the morning instead of at night. The estimated delivery date is Friday morning (the 19th). Since a signature is required I will have to go to FedEx to pick it up that afternoon anyway.

  8. Last night at 7:00 it was in Anchorage, Alaska. I thought it might show up today, so I printed out a signature release from Apple’s website and taped it to the door before I took the dogs for a walk this morning. Then as I walked out the door for work at around 8:30, there it was on my doorstep. So I took it out of the box, grabbed my laptop and sync cable and got it loaded up on the way in to work.

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