Mentos and Diet Coke

Last night I saw Mamma Mia. In my review I said it was kind of like a 2-hour Mentos commercial (if you remember the cheesy commercials from the early 90’s). I did a search to see if anyone else had made this comparison and came up with all of these results about Mentos and Diet Coke, including experiments done on Mythbusters. There is some pretty amazing stuff done with Mentos and Diet Coke and I highly recommend going to YouTube and searching for Mentos and Coke. I especially like the rockets where they dump Mentos in the bottle, put the cap back on about 90%, and then throw the bottle on the ground. But there is also a website called where they have made chain reactions and displays using hundreds of bottles of Diet Coke.

This is one of my favorites because it shows the whole development process (a little bad language):

These two are good, showing rockets backfiring:



Here are some of the more elaborate ones by the people at

One and Two

Millions of people have seen these already, but it was new to me. There is also an article about this on Wikipedia of course.

6 thoughts on “Mentos and Diet Coke

  1. Language includes F word and S word. YouTube does not care if you use this language. (They have no flag for it.) So I flagged it for “Promoting Dangerous Use of Explosives.” Doubt that will cause filtering. That bottle could easily have smashed a building window, car window, and possibly hurt someone.

    The eepybird examples are far better. Rehearsed, controlled, and the two geeks wear eye protection. (And results are amazing.) Oh… and no bad language.

  2. I don’t know how you compared that to Mama Mia, but the experiments with diet coke and mentos are really funny. I never knew about ANY of that (of course).

  3. I’m going to recommend that you read the book Wild at Heart instead of going to a chick flick next time.

    By the way, I LOVE MAMMA MIA! I’m going to get the soundtrack and the DVD when it comes out.

    I have no desire to play with mentos and soda. If your nephews read this it will be all over our driveway.

  4. The Eepy Bird guys were on a new Discovery Channel show tonight called Time Warp, where they use super slo-mo to show stuff. One of the main stories was about Mentos and Diet Coke and had some neat footage of a specially made Eepy Bird rocket taking off.

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