Q1 Report

This was a pretty dismal quarter for my web page revenues. In mid-January I moved all of my web pages from SpeedFactory to the new website at iGirder. Traffic was way off (stabilizing at about 200 hits per day from 300 previously) as the search engines slowly started referring people to the new location. But even so, my page rank was down to zero from a respectable 4 previously. This meant I did not rank as high when people did searches and probably also affected the AdSense rates that Google charged to people clicking on ads at my site.

As a result, my AdSense revenues were down to about $10 per month and the results for the entire quarter were about the same as I had in December. For Amazon, I still had a great January ($75) due to a couple of large purchases, but after that sales trickled in at $13 and $16 a month in February and March.

I feel like I needed to make the change at some point, but certainly in the short term I am losing much more money in revenues than I can possibly save by no longer keeping SpeedFactory which only cost $8.33 a month. I do feel that even if I had stayed on SpeedFactory that I would see declining revenues since the primary revenue-producer, the battery pack web page, isn’t producing much revenue as Apple’s latest players have better battery performance and fewer companies are producing battery packs. Also, the recession has probably forced Google to lower their AdSense rates as fewer people are willing to pay top dollar for ad clicks.

The Amazon sales were greatly boosted by sales of a Nintendo Wii player for $428.89 which qualified for the higher commission rate for video games rather than electronics, generating $27.88 with a single sale. Someone bought an iPod nano for $189 which, even at the lower 4% electronics rate, still generated $7.56. I also sold a DeWalt Cordless impact drill generating $6.17 which was probably also the most unusual thing I sold this quarter.

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