This week has been a winter wonderland with two big snowfalls. Wednesday was fun at work as we anticipated the snow and watched its approach on radar. Once it started coming down there were giant fluffy flakes of snow. And in almost no time it started sticking to the grass and parked cars. A couple of people were talking about how silly it is when the news talks about bridges and overpasses icing over. Overpasses are bridges. The only time this distinction seems to be made is when referencing ice. And there just isn’t a distinction.

Another thing we talked about was the history of warning signs about ice on bridges. I remember years ago they had signs with hinges where someone could unfold the sign that said WARNING ICE ON BRIDGE, but that whatever held it closed would wear out and you would see the sign open all the time (it also meant someone had to go out every time there was ice and open the sign). Eventually the warning became BRIDGE MAY ICE IN WINTER on a regular diamond warning sign. The current state of the art is BRIDGE ICES BEFORE ROAD.

Susan went to the grocery store yesterday evening and more snow was forecast for today. She was pretty much out of everything, so she needed to go regardless. But she said the Publix had been thoroughly looted. I asked her to get me some milk since I was nearly out, but there was absolutely no Publix milk to be had. She said all they had was some lactose-free version of Mayfield milk for more than $5 per gallon. I passed.

Today there is a great layer of snow of on the ground, but nothing on the streets since it is still above freezing. I decided to head to Kroger and see if I could get milk. There was a lot of traffic on the way and the Kroger parking lot was very full. Tons of people were inside, but there was plenty of milk. I got a gallon and then stood in line for about 15 minutes behind some people in the express line as we waited for a guy who apparently was unable to count past 15 items and held us all up.

The dogs seem pretty ambivalent to the snow. I think Katie has concluded that the snow is just rain and she does not like going out in the rain. Austin doesn’t seem to care and was pretty excited. With the snow coming down pretty fast, both of them get a dusting on their black fur in no time.

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  1. Signs are really funny sometimes. I think one of the silliest ones is in Augusta on the way to Mary Ann’s and Edward’s house where there is a small incline. There is a sign at the bottom of the incline that says “Hill”.

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