Power Consumption Down

After getting the new fridge I was hoping my electricity bills would go down noticeably. But I wasn’t sure how much. Fortunately winter is a good time to see because electricity use is fairly consistent (in the summer it just depends on how hot it is). In November my average energy consumption has been 395 kilowatt-hours. But this past November, with the new fridge only installed for a couple of weeks, energy use was 312. It was my lowest November total ever (though the billing period was only 28 days). I got my December bill this week and it was my lowest number ever: 281 kwh (in 31 days), well below the December average of 400. That comes out to a savings of about $13 per month. I don’t know that the refrigerator is entirely to blame: the weather has been fairly warm so the fans for the heating system haven’t been running much. Also there is a writer’s strike and I’m not doing Netflix, so my TV watching has been down. I’m always putting in more compact fluorescent lights (I’m up to at least 15), so maybe there is some savings there as well. But it’s looking like I will be able to save $10 a month with the new fridge.

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