Money Machine Is Rusty

I started pointing my Amazon links back to my account since November commissions won’t be paid until 2008. I have no idea what sales were like during the blackout period that started July 1. However, I do know that Apple introduced a whole new line of iPods in that time. So during the first 8 days of sales, only one order seems to have been placed. It was for multiple items and generated a couple of dollars in commissions, but this is nowhere close to what was happening in July when I was making sales almost every day. I’m not sure what the deal is, but at least part of it has to be that the new iPods have batteries that last a lot longer. My new nano rarely needs to be plugged in. Even the iPod Classics have much longer battery life than the previous generation.

It’s still free money, so I can’t complain. It’s just not as much.

One thought on “Money Machine Is Rusty

  1. The money machine is doing much better thanks to a big order where a woman bought some hiking boots, socks, an iPod battery pack, and a Freshette, which I found out is a device that allows girls to relieve themselves standing up just like boys.

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