I left work a little early today to get ready for trick or treaters. Though I had bought a pumpkin, I hadn’t carved it yet. It was kind of small, so I was thinking about just putting an eye on it, like the Eye of Sauron. Then I thought maybe two eyes. Then I thought I could make them look angry by adding eyebrows. As I was standing at the kitchen counter carving the pumpkin, Austin was very interested. But he’s always interested when I’m in the kitchen. The cutouts from the eyes were kind of ear shaped so I used some matchsticks to hold them onto the side of the pumpkin and drilled 9/16″ earholes. Eventually I added a triangle nose. It turned out okay. The ears made it a lot more interesting.


Then I went outside to sweep off my walkway. When I came back, one of the ears was gone. At first I thought it must have fallen off and the matchstick was left sticking out of the pumpkin. But then I found it half-eaten in my dining room (where else?). I bent down to pick it up and Austin sped in to get it just before me. I wound up getting it back and sticking it on the pumpkin.

Then I got the nose cutout to see if Austin really likes pumpkin or if he was just playing around. He liked it! He also ate an eyebrow and then I decided he had had enough pumpkin. I should have named him Peter.

Even with the damaged ear, one kid said he liked the carving and I saw one girl take a picture of it with her cellphone.

This year wasn’t as crazy as years past. With the time change coming after Halloween I wasn’t sure when they would cut off Halloween in Avondale (it used to be a 8 PM sharp, but it would get dark at 6). I had about 8 kids that showed up without costumes and got no candy. One kid tried to stare me down or something. Like he was going to intimidate a Snickers bar out of me. For the first time I had candy left over, but I did close down at about 8:30 so I could get to Petsmart and get food for the dogs (no, I wasn’t out yet, if you’re wondering if Austin was just starving for anything).

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