My New iPod

Today FedEx left my new nano under my doormat. nano.jpg The box was very small, about the size of a thick paperback book. Inside was a clear plastic box about the size of my old iPod but thicker.

And there, floating behind the clear plastic front, was my black 8 GB 3G nano. It isn’t much bigger than a book of matches. It is just very, very tiny. It definitely looks better than in the pictures. The screen is very crisp.

I converted an episode each of The Simpsons and Seinfeld to see how they would look on the small screen. They came out surprisingly good. It is very small, but for sitcoms it works fine. I certainly wouldn’t want to watch a football game on a nano.


The biggest challenge I had was paring down my music collection to fit on 8 gigabytes (really 7.3 something, which is all that is usable). I spent a lot of the weekend unchecking albums and songs. The first cuts were easy but only got me down to about 11 GB. Then I had to start cutting albums I like, but chose the ones I don’t listen to very often, or cut out songs I’m not crazy about (Neil Diamond’s 12 Greatest Hits went down to 4 songs). That got me to just over 8 GB. Then I made even more cuts to get down to the usable space. I could really have used a 16 GB nano, but they don’t make those yet. Plus if Apple releases a hard drive version of the iPod Touch, I will be able to store absolutely everything.

One thought on “My New iPod

  1. That is an interesting exercise… cutting down to the essentials. But I think a nano is all about shuffling in/out from your collection. Even though I have plenty of room on my 80 gig, I started out trying to only get “my” music syncing. But I kept discovering holes in my playlist or forgetting to copy new stuff into it. I decided to just sync everything. I actually like some of the girls’ pop music, and can always skip ahead when needed in shuffle mode.

    Look forward to seeing it on the road to Augusta.

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