Bathroom: Day 5

They didn’t do anything on the master bathroom, but instead worked on gutting the hall bath today. Miguel told me that this time he was prepared and had a jackhammer he had borrowed from Stanley.

When I got home today the bathroom was definitely gutted. There was some rotten wood near the corner of the tub. Stanley is out of town, so we will probably wait until he gets back so he can decide how to proceed. Even if he keeps most of this wood, he will have to bring the height of the floor up some.

One significant problem is the house now has no functioning toilets or showers, so I am stuck at Susan’s house regardless. The shower will work pretty soon, but the shower door won’t be ready until the end of next week (they measured yesterday, which I guess is for the best since they only got the tile up yesterday). . They said on Monday they should be able to get the new toilet and install that and, failing that, will install the old toilet temporarily. And I will need to put up a shower curtain for the shower until the door is ready This is a little annoying. The toilet should have probably been at the house already since I told Stanley what I wanted and where to get it last Friday. Today they tried to buy one in Tucker but it was about $50 more than the place I had recommended and for which Stanley said he had an account.

Jackhammer Tub

Sink Damage near tub

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