Bathroom: Day 2

I was worried that Stanley would try to reuse a lot of the wood in the bathroom or the piece of plywood that had been put in when the shower pan had been fixed previously. However, his plan was much more drastic than I imagined. He spent all day in there with a sawzall cutting out all of the old floor joists, installing new 2×8 joists and crossmembers, and then putting plywood over the top of that. He says it is now ready for the tile man to come in tomorrow and install the floor. Over the weekend, Mom, Susan, and I picked out some slate-colored floor tile and some 4-inch square white tile for the shower walls and floor.

Shower Toilet

Since I had a holiday today, I was home. Stanley said it would be helpful for the tile installation to go ahead and knock out the tile near the shower now. That way they wouldn’t mess up the new shower grout by sledgehammering right next to it. I let them go ahead and knock out some of the tile in the hall bathroom, resulting in this hole:


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