To Do List

This is the list of things I asked mom to turn her attention toward, in order. Until I run out of money or get tired of it.

Master Bathroom: Replace shower and shower tile.Reglaze remaining wall tiles white. Install a new toilet. Install new floor tile. Repaint walls and repair plaster in the hallway and bedroom where the shower leaked.

Main Bathroom: Replace sink with either a pedestal or hanging sink. Replace medicine cabinet. Replace the toilet. Replace or refurbish the existing tub and tile. Install new shower/bath plumbing and fixtures. Reglaze wall tile white. Paint walls, repair ceiling damage. Replace bathroom cabinets or at least fix them up. Replace attic pull-down steps.

Replacing carpet in back room with tile or wood flooring (Susan has some tile I can buy). Replace back door with full glass door. Reinstall other back door and finish trim. Replace linoleum flooring in the bay window. Remove old “window” air conditioner and patch over the hole. Replace all the vent registers in the house.

Replace flooring, countertop, and sink in kitchen. Replace refrigerator and dishwasher. Remove wall paper and paint walls.

Refinish floors in all 3 bedrooms. Replace wood paneling in guest bedroom with drywall (may need new trim and doors as well).

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