This weekend I downloaded the podcast of Steve Jobs’ iPhone presentation at Macworld. I had never seen one of his speeches, but had always heard great things about them. iLounge said this about it “Despite the fact that it clocks in at a feature film-length 1 hour and 45 minutes, Jobs’ keynote is unquestionably the most engaging public speech iLounge’s editors have ever seen, introducing the company’s new iPhone with a level of oratorical mastery that deserves academic study.”

Having downloaded it (at Susan’s and then loaded onto the SD card I keep in my Palm; over dial-up it would have taken 53 hours) and watched it today, I don’t know if I would agree. But I will say that instead of including instructions, they should just give you a video of his presentation when you buy the phone. Since it really is a small computer, I think they will be able to work out any problems with the software and add all kinds of new capabilities. And the price should come down over time as well (currently $500 for a 4 MB version, $600 for a 8 MB version after signing a 2-year agreement with Cingular). And although Steve had one that appeared to work just fine, it won’t be available until June.

I think they will have a phoneless version that will be a widescreen iPod which will include wifi and browsing capabilities. So rather than get a 5G, I think I will continue waiting for that new thing. In the meantime I am still enjoying the widescreen Palm TX, even though it’s software certainly lags what is loaded on the iPhone.

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