Perfect Jump Drive

The first portable USB memory drive I had was made by Lexar. It held 64 MB, which was a lot at the time. It was great for moving files around from work or home. It was translucent purple with a cap that went over the USB connector, but didn’t snap. firefly.gif

After a few close calls, I finally lost the purple cap, but it always worked. The loop that held it to my keychain cracked but I was able to drill a hole through the case, missing the circuit board, and kept it for a while longer.

Then I got a good deal on a Memorex 128 MB drive, so I upgraded. The Memorex was black and had a blue LED (as opposed to the Lexar’s green one) to indicate files were being transferred. It worked fine, but was a little longer (albeit skinnier). The problem with that was it was usually attached to all of my keys and it kind of hung on the USB port on my computer when it was attached. Also the cap on it didn’t snap either and I lost it a month or two ago, probably when I took it off to move some files.

Yesterday Fry’s had a special ($7.99; I never paid more than $10 after rebate for any of these) on the Lexar 512 MB Firefly drive and it is the best one yet. It is the smallest of the three and the top snaps firmly in place. Better yet, the cap is the part that connects to your key ring, so when I connect the drive, I can keep my keys in my pocket. It is called the Firefly because it has a blue light on the back end that lights up while it is moving data.

4 thoughts on “Perfect Jump Drive

  1. Last week Fry’s had this for $4. Today they had the 1 GB Firefly (purple instead of green) for $10 after rebate.

    On the front of my PC I have two adjacent USB ports. Most jump drives would be too thick to allow the use of the other port, but this one is so thin it doesn’t have a problem connecting a USB cable in the adjacent port.

  2. Fry’s has an ad on the back of the sports section in the paper on most days (not Tuesday or Thursday). The one I go to is in Gwinnett but they have a new on in Alpharetta now. It is Eric’s favorite store. He tries to go there whenever he comes up from Florida. It’s also where Mom got her laptop. The problem with Fry’s is their prices really aren’t that great in general, but they have great specials. I bought three 2 GB SD cards for my Palm from them and paid $12 at most for each one after rebates.

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