Mmmmmm Pie

I’ve been taking MARTA to and from work forever. And for maybe all of that time MARTA has run two-car trains that go from Bankhead Station on a short spur northwest of downtown to King Memorial just east of my destination station, Georgia State. Sometimes the trains run two stations further, going to Candler Park station. I would never take those short trains though since I would just have to get off later and wait.


But a month or so ago, there was an electrical fire or something that caused MARTA to shut down at the Inman Park station. A woman at work was on her way home in her car and called us to say she had seen hundreds of people outside the Georgia State MARTA station and be aware there were problems. We have a window that looks out towards the MARTA tracks and it didn’t appear there were any trains running. Eventually I was able to snag a ride with someone so that I didn’t have to get stuck at MARTA or wait forever for a bus bridge like last year. On the way we saw all of these people walking home. It was like something out of a movie (or a New York blackout). It would probably take me over an hour, but I could walk home if I really had to. By the time we left work, our car was full of other stranded MARTA riders.

Anyway, after that I started thinking that even if the train only went a few stations towards home, that if there was a problem, at least I would be that much closer to home and have to walk less. So if the train goes to Candler Park, now I go ahead and get on it. This has turned out to be pretty good. The short trains seem more likely to be refurbished and have fewer people on them. And one nice advantage is the Candler Park station is right next to the Edwards Pie Company bakery. So if the wind is blowing right and the factory is operating, the whole station smells like pie.

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  1. These delays only happen maybe once a year or less. The only effort is that I get on and off a train, so riding to Candler Park isn’t bad at all. I guess a cab would be an option, but I have taken a cab only one time in Atlanta and hated it so much, I don’t know if I will ever do it again. For a while our work had a “guaranteed ride home” program that would provide a ride via a cab if you were in a carpool and had to stay at work or leave early and miss your carpool. That would have been a good option too.

    I’ve seen a guy on MARTA with a folding bicycle. Super geeky. You can take regular bikes on MARTA anyway, so I could probably get a really cheap bike and lock it to the bike rack indefinitely. By the time I needed it, it would probably be stolen or have flat tires.

  2. I think a folding bike to keep inside at your office would be a good thing to do. And, actually, it might be fun to ride it all the way home sometimes. Isn’t there a bike trail going through town?

    I used to do calligraphy for the lady who owned Edward’s Pies. They have since sold it. It made them very rich. She was a nice lady. Once when she was picking up an order, she fell down my front steps on black ice that was on the steps. I saw her and went out to rescue her, and I promptly fell on my rear right down all of the steps and landed right beside her. After the shock, we laughed and were not hurt. Thank goodness.

  3. I think apple pies probably smell the best, but I like pecan pies. I’m not sure how I would even get to the pie factory or whether they sell directly to the public. Probably not, especially at the time I am going through (6:30 PM).

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