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With the end of the regular TV season, I figured it was time to try Netflix out again. They tried to raise the price from $20 a month, but competition from Walmart and Blockbuster forced them to actually lower the price to $18. Still, I decided to go for the $15 per month plan that gives you only two movies at a time. That should still allow me to see three movies a week which is about the most I was ever able to watch the last time I joined.

I really do like Netflix. I enjoyed going through recommendations and finding some obscure movies and movies that I would probably never pay to rent, but would still like to see. Also, I decided to rent the first disc of Season 1 of 24 to see if I like the show and would like to buy the whole season. I came very close to buying the Season 1 DVD today, but then decided it was too big a risk for a show I had never watched and didn’t know if I would even like.

Anyway, my first two movies should arrive Tuesday.

Here’s my queue that I set up today. It took me at least an hour, but it was fun.

  1. March of the Penguins

  2. Wedding Crashers

  3. Sin City

  4. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

  5. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

  6. Kill Bill: Vol. 1

  7. 24: Season 1: Disc 1

  8. The Royal Tenenbaums

  9. Kill Bill: Vol. 2

  10. I, Robot

  11. The Sum of All Fears

  12. Seven Samurai

  13. Mystic River

  14. The Constant Gardener

  15. Hotel Rwanda

  16. Beyond the Sea

  17. Proof

  18. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

  19. Secondhand Lions

  20. The Last Samurai

  21. City of God

  22. Spellbound

  23. Seven Up / 7 Plus Seven

  24. Brokeback Mountain

  25. Bubble Boy

7 thoughts on “Netflix Again

  1. I really liked March of the Penguins. One reviewer said Morgan Freeman’s voice sounds like God. After everyone headed to bed I played the extra track. This was from the point of view of the two guys who filmed the movie. They did the narrating. It was more like watching a National Geographic special. There was also a lot more Penguin poop on screen. Enjoyable none-the-less.

  2. Dodgeball is one of my all time favorite comedies. Dodgeball quotes are eternal inside jokes with a lot of my friends. 24 is great, but my biggest issue with it is that it keep escalating higher and higher into levels of ridiculousness that my suspension of disbelief disappears. I think my family should give netflix a try, but I don’t know if my dad would be too eager to do it.

  3. I think for a family it would be fun to try Netflix for the summer. I will probably cancel some time in the fall once I catch up on a lot of these movies I want to see and new TV episodes start coming on.

    As expected Netflix shipped my first two movies this morning for arrival tomorrow.

  4. I got the two movies Tuesday. I watched Wedding Crashers last night and put it in the mail today, so potentially I could get my next movie on Friday. The last time I was doing this the movies went back to Duluth, essentially Atlanta. This time they are going to Birmingham.

  5. I got new movies on Friday and Saturday and returned them today, so I got to watch 4 movies in one week. This time they were from Duluth, so that center is still open.

  6. That is a good list of movies. I enjoyed Wedding Crashers, that was funny. Sin City is a good time too. Was not so impressed with Brokeback Mountain. Of that whole list though, my favorite was Hotel Rwanda. It was the most thought provoking.

    Bubble Boy = Travolta’s Boy In the Bubble??

  7. Bubble Boy is a comedy with Jake Gyllenhaal, but I have moved it way down my list. I think it is probably pretty bad.

    I was able to watch 13 movies the first month. But right after that they spent a day “processing” my next movie and then sent it from Colorado which added an extra day of mailing time. I sent it back Monday but they didn’t receive it today. If they do that again (I’ve gotten two movies since then from Atlanta) I will be suspicious, but I’m hoping it was just an isolated event.

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