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Today I went up to Athens with Mom to see Nicole and the soon-to-be Park Avenue Cashins, see the new house, eat hamburgers, and drink beer. Before I went I made a CD for Grant of some 21st century music and other stuff that I like. I hope he likes it. I didn’t have much time to figure out the best song order or even necessarily pick the best songs, but it should still be good to listen to. Franz Ferdinand’s “Michael” is probably the weakest track, but since the last CD I made for Grant and Jami had “One-Eyed Fiona” on it, I didn’t feel like I had a choice. Now that I listen to it again I realize I should have included a more representative selection from M. Ward than the classical piece by Bach that I used. He’s kind of like Tom Waits with a guitar. Anyway, if any of that sounds good to Grant, I can make another CD with more from that artist.

  1. The Killers – Mr. Brightside (2005)

  2. Spoon – The Beast and Dragon, Adored (2005)

  3. The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (2003)

  4. Franz Ferdinand – Michael (2004)

  5. Modest Mouse – Float On (2004)

  6. The Killers – Change Your Mind (2005)

  7. Ben Folds Five – Lullabye (1999)

  8. Spoon – The Way We Get By (2002)

  9. Fat Boy Slim – Praise You (2000)

  10. The Strokes – Is This It (2001)

  11. Iggy Pop – The Passenger (1977)

  12. Franz Ferdinand – Jacqueline (2004)

  13. Liz Phair – Polyester Bride (1998)

  14. Rusted Root – Heaven (1996)

  15. The Strokes – Someday (2001)

  16. M. Ward – Well-Tempered Clavier (2005)

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