Robin’s Nest

A robin built a nest outside my back door about a week ago. At first she wasn’t there much but then she started spending almost all of her time there.

While I was mowing the lawn I noticed she was gone. So I got the ladder out and I could barely make out the very tops of two beautiful blue eggs in the nest. Nests are amazing pieces of construction and there isn’t just pinestraw but a lot of mud in there holding it all together on top of a light fixture on the corner of the house near the drainpipe.

I wondered how many eggs she really had in there, but I couldn’t get my head under the eave and above the nest since there were only a couple of inches between the two. I needed a mirror. Fortunately Susan gave me a small and very expensive mirror that worked perfectly. 4 eggs!

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4 thoughts on “Robin’s Nest

  1. That’s a nice story. Reminds me of when we had a robin nest outside our bathroom windown on Silvastone and I would sit on the top of the toilet tank and take pictures at different stages. I took them of the eggs, then of the tiny new birds after they had hatched, of the mother feeding the birds, and Carol wrote a poem about “The Robins on our Windowsill”. Well, the babies finally got big enough to leave the nest and one by one the mother helped them to fly to the backyard where Sheba killed them. We were so sad. I hope your dogs do not get your baby robins.



  2. At least one of them got away because I followed it to the oak tree in the front yard before I lost sight of it. I think Sheba only got one or so.

    I think I will be doing good to get two babies safely out of the nest.

  3. We spotted a cardinal nest for the first time. The eggs are light brown with red spots. We’ve had a robin nest in the front and back yard this spring, but they have already hatched, grown, and moved out. Stout found a dead, young robin in the monkey grass under one of the nests today. Kelly thinks Stout climbed up the bush and killed the baby bird, but I don’t think so. It already had an orange chest, and looked old enough to try flying away. I suspect a neighborhood cat.

  4. My Cub Scouts put out bird houses we got from Michaels. We sprayed them with polyurethane. It might be too late for birds to make a nest with, but maybe next season.

    I saw a mother duck trying to keep up with 13 new ducklings today. She looked like she was thinking someone needed to eat some, there were so many!

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