Tivoli Audio Model Three and Pal Power Fix

We own several Tivoli Audio products. One of our Pals and our Model Three both suffered from power problems. In both cases the cause was cracked solder joints. Moving around the Pal (which is portable!) or the nightstand Model Three must have put pressure on the power jack, wiggling the solder joint until it cracked.

In both cases, I added a drop of solder on the failing joints and the radios were good as new. The following photos show where I spotted the cracked joints:

Model Three Repair

I removed all screws from the back. I did not need to remove anything from the front. However there are several cables that go from back to front that have to be disconnected to get access to the board with the power jack, so I took reference photos like this. This is the top of the unit looking down (although the radio is sideways.)


This photo is from the other side (the bottom) where I could see the cracked solder joint spark as I plugged it in and removed it. I had to remove this board in order to get to the solder joints with a soldering iron.


This is a close up of the two joints before I soldered them. I think only the one on the right was failing, but the one on the left looked stressed, so I heated up each joint and added a drop of solder.


Pal Repair

Six screws removed.


Corner with the cracked solder joints. The black power jack is on the right.


Close up of two cracked joints. The cracks go all the way around the base.


Not pretty, but solid joints. Good as new!


9 thoughts on “Tivoli Audio Model Three and Pal Power Fix

  1. This really helped me out. I had the same problem but didn’t notice the cracked joints. After re-soldering the joints, it charges without any fuss. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the pointers, i bought one at a car boot for next to nothing, thanks to your post ive now found the problem. Cheers!

  3. i have a model three with a clock that quit. new battery doesn’t help and when the battery is in, i get a muted clicking sound from the small speaker on the back. any ideas??

  4. Not so good with clocks, Jon. I’ve never been happy with the hour vs. minute hand similar sizes on my Tivolis. Not different enough.

  5. This worked like a charm on my friend’s Tivoli Model Three. Now she’s eternally grateful. Can’t thank you enough, jeb!

    Work carefully when taking it apart and putting it together, as there’s just enough room to do it, but no more. Pictures are highly recommended!

  6. Thanks for this fix. I was able to repair my Model 3 which I have not use in several years because of erratic power. Based on what you have posted I took it apart and low and behold there was the cracked solder joint—-heated it and flowed the solder. Worked like a charm, thanks again.

  7. JUst bought orange Kloss PAL at yard sale. No AC cord or charger. I tried AC input cords I had and got no power or light. Radio looked well used. Should I try a new battery first or go right for the soldering fix?

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