Anna Maria 2010 Photos Up

Photos by Julie, Jeb, Claire, Carol, and Bob. Put them in Julie’s Gallery.

Anna Maria June 2010 Memory List


Ice cream sandwich pie

Grant’s deliberate misreading of the Crazy 8’s rules

David sleeps all day and stays up all night

Kelly’s new braces

Andrew convinces Michael to swim in the ocean by offering

him $5

Watching sunsets every night

Playing Wii even though we didn’t have any games

First house with an elevator

House full of men helps push stuck van out of sand

Walking down the street for all you can eat pancakes

Pith boy



Crochet lessons

Salty boiled peanuts


Sticky Man

Green plastic cups

Reading books

Morning walks

Aunt Patsy and Laurie’s gang visit

Cartwheels on the beach


wd 40 or is it dw 40?

bedroom door that either squeaked or wouldn’t stay closed

3 amazing “whole ball” sunsets

Whatever that constellation thing is that Bob has

The restaurant divide

The Pool Boy and his comedy act

One of the best pools on AMI

Looking for tar balls

And all that ham Carol mentioned

Grant: (1st Place)

Drip castle with Michael

Baby alligator on the 18th hole

Body surfing little waves

Fiona and Michael sleeping in closet

Dodge caravan pile-in for…

RV party

Bob’s android

Jami and Danny dancing around the

kitchen island (chicken, egyptian, robot)

Uncle Ted and Andrew playing Star Wars risk with Michael

Danny’s 15 forward flips in a row w/o breathing in pool

Frisbee on the beach

Great dinners every night

Crazy icecream sand. dessert made by the Stonegate girls

Shelly short game


Michael’s ice cream ‘conquest.’


Tropical Pool w/ Tiki Hut Table

Squeaky Doors

All-you-can-eat pancakes

Coconut hidden at Publix

Beer and Ice Runs

Star Wars Risk


Mahjong Lessons

Midnight Crazy Eights

Polka Dotted Pith Ball

Monte Python on YouTube on the Wii

10 Laptops

Bob’s Star and Planet App on his Droid

Cuban Music

Dinner @ Separate Piers

Trolley Rides

Bike Rides

The Knights of Bud Lite Lime

Gramalie’s Tent

Underwater Bocci

BP’s Oil Leak (on news, not beach)

Shark sighting

Manatee swim by (arms length)

Rescue helicopters at sunset

Claire and Fiona’s Film

Best sand bars ever

Filling the empty picture frame in laundry bathroom

Parrots outside shop

Shell hunt at park

Speaking French to the Russian kid from Canada

Lots of sunsets

Ted’s Marvelous Flashlight Collection

Star gazing on the beach (Venus, Mars, and Jupiter in a line)

Early rise for church so that we could watch…

Nadal win French Open beating Soderling

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