The Bad Y2K (revisited)

In late 1999, a group of us with kids in tow went on a holiday weekend in Cloudland State Park. We stayed in cabins. I wrote a poem called “The Bad Y2K,” got some of the kids to help illustrate it, and I created a website on AOL using the screen name TheBadY2K. It is still there. Probably will last as long as AOL. [As it continues to decline, AOL shut off member web page services. Moved to mac5. – JC 1/16/2009]

I don’t know how many other people wrote poems about Y2K and had them illustrated by kids, but I felt like this provided some unique, historical insight into the “Year 2000 Problem.” So a link can now be found at the bottom of this Wikipedia entry:

3 thoughts on “The Bad Y2K (revisited)

  1. That’s a great poem and artwork. I was always impressed that Kelly wrote it. But now I am not quite as impressed to find out that Jeb wrote it. It explains the beer line.

    I wonder how long that link will stay on the Wikipedia article? That article is also a good example of when a discussion about the article is as interesting as the article itself.

  2. At some point a Wiki robot removed my link to the poem because AOL member pages are not approved target links. I just updated the page with a Mac5 link. May not survive the Wiki editors and robots.

  3. Gone. One of the Wiki nazis removed it within 2 minutes. The social impact of Y2K has been removed from the article, which is a shame. The geeks didn’t find it relevant.

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