Google Ad Earnings – $99.98

Over two years ago in May of 2004, I added Google ads to my blog and reported my first $4.08 in earnings. It has been a slow climb to get to the $100 mark that will trigger my first check from Google. Since I took this snapshot, it rolled over that mark, so the check should be in the mail at the end of this month.

Ted got his first check much faster and has gotten other checks from other ad sources. Helps to be an engineer-consumer-writer guy.


2 thoughts on “Google Ad Earnings – $99.98

  1. That sure is easy money. I’m glad you will get it and hope it helps pay for our dinner at Lavenders.


  2. Congratulations! That will probably be the most agonizing $100 you’ve ever made. If it weren’t for you, I would have never figured out that my site could have made money. It is great that Google makes it so easy to get money with internet ads.

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