Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Update 1: The website worked. See this posting for web / e-mail info.
Update 2: Buying 12 mini spirals at Home Depot.

I bought a 5 pack of compact fluorescent bulbs from Sam’s. They cost more but last longer and use less energy, so they should be cheaper over time.

One burned out within 6 months in our storage room. Ted says they should not be put in places where you turn them on and off a lot. But that’s what we do with lights. Turn them on and off a lot.

I’ll call the 800# on the bulb and see what they say…

Commercial Electric
SKU# 319-733
Model EDO-13
120V 60Hz
13W .200A
V# 42836

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8 thoughts on “Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

  1. Not all lights are turned off and on a lot. I have a bunch of my lights in my den and living room on timers. They come on as it gets dark and go off at 2 in the morning. Also my kitchen overhead light stays on almost all the time (why not? I’m saving all this energy!). But I don’t use compact fluorescents in the bathroom, utility room, or bedrooms.

    I don’t think the lights last anything like what the packages say but you should still get a few years out of them. One of the early ones I had just got dimmer and dimmer over time even though it still worked. They also result in savings because they produce less heat, meaning you need less air conditioning.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam

    I read a message at this URL /jeb/files/mt/archives/000271.html

    And I had a same problem with Commercial Electric compact fluorscent.

    SKU No 772-429
    Model EDXOS-19
    V # 42836

    And my question is, Can I get the email address for the company (Commercial Electric)? Or maybe the website ? Thank you

  3. I have similar problems with the 319-733. Can I get the web site and contact information. The 1-800 number is a nightmare.


  4. I bought a few Commercial Electric CF bulbs. All of the vanity globe style burned out within 2 months (at $8 each!). Most of the ones that are still working make a fair bit of noise. I’ve never has these kinds of problems with CFs with all the other brands I’ve bought over the past 6 or 7 years. Most of the very first ones I bought are still working.

    The big difference (up to buying the C.E. bulbs) was that the older ones may have a fair bit of a warm-up period before they reach their peak brightness.

  5. SKU#774-265 flood light said it had a 5 year guaranteed lifespan (if run for 4 hours a day). Died in 1.5 months running 8 hours a day. I didn’t keep the receipt or box, but who the hell does for a damn lightbulb? I could have and should have purchased 2 normal light bulbs at the same cost. I can’t find a website for this company either… anyone get a free replacement or anything?

  6. The manufacturer is Commercial Electric or Spring Lamp or TCP depending on where you look on the bulb or box. Try the “contact us” at Be nice in your e-mail to them, and you’ll get replacement bulb(s) sent to you. — Editor

  7. I just changed out the edo-13 v#42836 and thought the bulb looked a little old. The only exact match was this page. I’m thinking I got my money’s worth out of this bulb if it’s really a light bulb from 2003 or anywhere in that neighborhood.

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