Fake Coin

Yesterday Eric sent me a picture and said “What is this gigantic coin?” I saw the date of 1871 on it and looked up 1871 coins. I soon found a similar looking coin: the seated liberty dollar coin. In excellent condition it can be worth thousands of dollars, but even in average condition it can still be worth $200. Today he gave me the coin to look at and I quickly found out it was fake. The real coin should weigh 26.7 grams. I have a small digital scale and it said the coin only weighed 17.7 grams. I also measured the diameter, which seemed to be correct. As another test, I held a magnet up to it and it stuck. Silver dollars were made from 90% silver and 10% copper, neither of which will stick to a magnet. So it is definitely fake. I looked up fake seated liberty dollars on the internet and found a post by a guy who got one and he noticed that if you look at the coin and flip it vertically, the other side should also be right side up, but his fake was upside down. He said he called the mint and they said the reverse of all US coins should flip right side up. Eric’s coin was made the wrong way too. So it was pretty easy to figure out a fake. Really all it took was a magnet.


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