Breyers Isn’t Ice Cream

A few years ago, Breyers started downsizing their ice cream cartons from the traditional half gallon (2 quarts) to 1.75 quarts and then 1.5 quarts. A lot of ice cream now is in the 1.5 quart size (and orange juice went from 64 oz. to 59 oz.). They also started whipping it up with air so that the weight of ice cream was down too and they were selling you more air. I don’t buy Breyers ice cream that often, but it was half price recently so I bought some chocolate chip. I didn’t notice until I got home that it is isn’t even ice cream anymore. It is now “frozen dairy dessert” and while Breyers was famous for having simple all-natural ingredients like cream and sugar, now the second ingredient is corn syrup. I looked this up, and apparently they introduced this fake ice cream in 2012, but I hadn’t paid attention. Not all the flavors have been converted to ice cream substitute yet, so I will have to pay closer attention next time.

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