Done With Firefox

I have used Firefox pretty much since it came out. I’m not sure why I didn’t like Chrome, but I tried it out and went back to Firefox. Lately I factory reset my laptop and I was able to use the Firefox sync feature to get the bookmarks from my desktop over to my laptop. Then I also synched over to my Transformer. It was pretty neat how it worked, by paring the computers using 12-digit codes that you enter on each machine. The problem is that they intend this to keep everything synched, not just bookmarks, and every time I would open a browser it would immediately ask for my master password in Firefox. So I turned off the sync, which was fine because I still had the bookmarks the way I wanted them on all three computers.

Then today my Transformer was acting up, not downloading Windows updates like it was supposed to for the last few weeks, with no apparent way of fixing it despite some built-in troubleshooting utility that was supposed to fix it. So I reinstalled Windows on the Transformer. Eventually I reinstalled Firefox and was hoping to try the Sync thing again. But this time it didn’t work at all and the instructions were no help. There was an option to pair a device, with the 12 digits, but I would enter it on the other device and it wouldn’t work. I had to set up some kind of account, but that wasn’t working either. I don’t know why Firefox would make it so hard to do something that seems so simple as transfer bookmarks. I found out how to save a file with bookmarks in it (hidden, the export option only shows up when you click “Show all bookmarks”) but this didn’t bring over the toolbar bookmarks. I was pretty frustrated with Firefox at this point, so I decided to just use Chrome, which I know will sync bookmarks pretty easily. So I’ve got Chrome installed on the laptop and Transformer now and it all seems to be working okay. Chrome was somehow even able to import the bookmarks and toolbar along with my saved passwords which should have only been available with a master password, which I never gave to Chrome.

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  1. I have not used the built-in Firefox or iCloud bookmark synching because they don’t care about other browsers or platforms. So I use XMarks in conjunction with LastPass. My Windows IE, Firefox, Chrome and Mac Safari, Firefox, Chrome and iOS Safari bookmarks all keep synched up. And the password manager, LastPass, works across all but iOS, which I would have to pay for, so I don’t. No 12 digits.

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