Lost Rocket

Yesterday I was in Athens for Easter. I brought my rocket and pen cam in case we had time to shoot it off. Michael brought his rocket over to Gramalie’s as well, so we got his put together and ready to launch. After lunch we all went over to the school nearby to launch. We had done this before and made 3 successful launches of my rocket. But it was a little windy. Michael had some C rocket engines, but I thought it would be better to try a B engine which goes about half as high until we could figure out the wind direction. The rocket, an Estes “Flash,” shot up really high even with the smaller engine. It went straight up and the parachute ejected perfectly, but then it started drifting with the wind on the way down. Grant started running to recover it, worried that it was headed for the street. He kept running but the rocket came down in some tree branches right above the street and got stuck about 30 feet up. There was no way we were going to get it down, but Grant talked to the owner of a store nearby and they said they would keep an eye out for it.

Today Fiona was sick and had to miss school, so she wasn’t in the car when Grant took Michael to school. When he got home he told her that there was a lot of traffic at the school because a couple of cars had an accident. When they worked their way past the accident site, they noticed the policeman was holding Michael’s rocket. Michael said out the window “That’s my rocket!” The policeman walked over and said to him “This rocket came down out of the tree this morning and caused this accident!” Grant told the police officer that Michael was mistaken and he actually lost a different rocket. Then he told Fiona: April Fools.

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