I heard about there being coyotes in the neighborhood a couple of years ago and there are reports on the local bulletin board from time to time, along with missing cats, which seems to be the biggest problem they cause. They only come out at night. So tonight I was walking the dogs and I heard something rustling in the leaves. The dogs stopped to look and I saw a loose dog. I shined my flashlight over there and it was obviously a coyote. Not too far away was another one, a little smaller, maybe walking with a limp. Both were smaller than my dogs, plus with me and the flashlight I think we were pretty intimidating. But they didn’t run away, getting as close as maybe 50 feet. I think they were on their way and were kind of in the way. So we turned the corner and they started walking past us on the other side of the street. The smaller one headed into the backyard of a house, but then came back down to the sidewalk to join the other one. Surprisingly, although my dogs were watching them closely, they didn’t bark or even whimper which Austin does when he wants to bark at another dog. I kept the flashlight on the coyotes a lot, but they would still look in my direction, their eyes lighting up yellow. Eventually they moved pretty well beyond us, so I took the dogs over to where they had been so they could sniff around. People get up in arms about coyotes in the neighborhood, but honestly I’m not seeing a problem, and the only thing they do is kill cats which should be inside anyway.

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  1. I was reading on Wikipedia today about coyotes. The article said that coyotes usually travel in pairs and that even in the southwest they do not eat road runners (because they can’t catch them, I bet).

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