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I never watched the TV sitcom Big Bang Theory, but recently Channel 17 (used to be TBS but is now WPCH, Peachtree TV, and has different programming than TBS) has started airing two episodes a day Monday through Friday. With a DVR it is easy to get every episode and WPCH has been very considerate by airing them in order separated about halfway through the four season run. I have been watching for a month but can’t possibly keep up with so many episodes, thus filling up my hard drive. But there are less than 100 shows so it only takes 9 weeks of recording to get everything. I am getting pretty close, and I have been able to delete one of the timers since it has caught up with the shows I recorded with the other timer. Plus the show is still airing on prime time so I get the most recent season once a week.

It’s a pretty good show, about 4 science geeks and a normal girl. It is usually pretty dumb with it’s oversimplified exaggerated portrayal of nerdom, but occasionally brilliant. And it comes up day-to-day, with a person at work pointing out a parallel with a group of us who eat lunch together at designated places for the day of the week, which the nerds do for dinner (and you have to admit that it is pretty geeky to do that for dinner).

Several episodes have included the song “Soft Kitty” which the weirdest science geek, Sheldon, likes to have sung to him when he is sick (in one episode, the girl offers to sing the song to him when he is sad after feeling betrayed by his friends, but he points out that “Soft Kitty” is only for when he is sick, and there is no song for when he is sad, concluding “I’m not a child”).

Soft kitty, warm kitty
Little ball of fur
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty
Purr, purr, purr

I looked this up on some wikis about the show. They pointed out (I don’t know how they know things like this) that the song is real, though it is called “Warm Kitty” and reverses the kitties in the first and second lines (“Warm kitty, soft kitty” and “Sleepy kitty, happy kitty”). Maybe the writers of the TV show changed it to avoid copyright problems (don’t know if that would hold up, since it’s still obviously the same thing), but I do think they improved it. “Soft kitty” is a much funnier name for the song and it seems appropriate to end on “sleepy kitty” if the idea is to put someone to sleep.

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