I was watching NBC news this week and they were saying that in the last 10 years, many people across the country now live close to a part of the 9/11 attacks. 9-11wing.jpgThe wreckage of the twin towers has been broken up and distributed to a lot of different places, mostly fire stations. I found a website where you can track the different pieces to find the closest one and found only two anywhere nearby: one in Riverdale and one in Conyers. Neither of those is that close. Then I read on ajc.com that Dekalb County was unveiling a 9/11 memorial at their public safety headquarters in Tucker today at 8AM. Well, I wasn’t going to get up that early, but I did want to go by and see it, especially because it also includes a piece of the 9/11 wreckage. Not a big piece, the thing I saw said it was 18 inches long. It isn’t marked as being 9/11 wreckage, but it is there in front of the statue of a phoenix wing (most might think it is an eagle wing), and it is nice that you can touch it. It had some blue painters tape on it for some reason (could it be just the base of the rod that hasn’t been installed yet?). There were a handful of people there and there seemed to be a steady flow of people coming by.


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  1. It’s back behind where Mother Tucker’s used to be (now an O’Charley’s). There are a couple of glass buildings there that the county probably bought or is leasing. Suwannee has a piece that is over 1,000 pounds that they put on display but they haven’t installed it permanently yet. It was in today’s paper.

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