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I’ve been trying to do searches on apps for my new iPod lately and I kept coming across these sites that would just take content from the iTunes app store and list all of these apps. Then lately I have been writing about my favorite apps and I thought those other guys must be getting a commission on their clicks and if they can, then I should too.

So a quick search indicates that there is a program through LinkShare, whose website is linksynergy (even the link to LinkShare is an affiliate link because I get something if people sign up to become LinkShare affiliates through that link and get at least one click). The sign-up page was very spartan, just some plain text fields. I didn’t think much about it until I got to the bottom and it asked me to input the letters in the image above and there wasn’t an image above. It turns out my ad blocker had blocked all of the images on their website and all of the javascript because they are an advertiser. That was pretty funny. So I turned it off and everything worked fine.

LinkShare has a lot of companies they work with and then you sign up with those companies individually. Apple does not approve theirs automatically so I have to wait 3 days and see. If they approve me, I will convert my links to apps to LinkShare links and if people click on them and buy an app, I will get 5% of the purchase price (Amazon gives 4% on electronics, 6% on books, but sometimes 10% on downloads).

I really don’t think I’ll make any money because if you do a search for an app you don’t find honest opinions or reviews of apps out there, just tons of these sites that tell you nothing more than the app store does (or give you a list of apps that you can tell the person hasn’t even tried out). And they’ve all jockeyed to get high page rankings. Even if I get a few clicks, the apps are all so cheap ($1-10) that there isn’t much to be made. However, there is also nothing to lose.

Another affiliate program I joined was for DealExtreme, the place I buy cheap flashlights. Some people at the forum I visit are actually using the links I’ve put in my reviews of flashlights and I’m slowly building up some commissions. But because they are cheap flashlights, most orders are less than $20. For every $10 they spend I get 1 point. And if I get 100 points, they will give me $10. So basically I am waiting to get $1,000 in sales so that I can get $10. After six months, I’m about halfway there, but they also have a 60-day waiting period before the points become effective just in case the person returns their merchandise (which happens a lot because so much of this stuff is defective or not as advertised).

The glory days of my affiliatedom are well past, though. Amazon generates less than $10 a month and AdSense is only a couple of dollars (though last month I qualified for my first $100 payment in over two years).

3 thoughts on “iTunes Affiliate

  1. After I get my next $100 from Google, I’m going to discontinue putting ads in mac5. In effect, I’ll be paying $50 a year to have our blogs be ad free. Hmmm…

  2. I canceled this account today. I still think there is a horrible lack of decent reviews of apps, but Google isn’t going to send people to reviews on this blog when there is some serious competition from sites designed solely to get visitors and have them follow links to iTunes, even if the information on those sites is completely useless (just the description from iTunes of the app).

    Amazingly, I did get to $1,000 in sales through DealExtreme and now I am in the 60-day waiting period to get my $10 credit. The good thing about DealExtreme is they sell tons of stuff for $10 or less. If I ever get additional $10 credits, I’m thinking I will give them away on BLF since those are the people following the links.

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