Snow Showers

Today we were forecast to get snow showers. I don’t know how or if snow showers are any different than just getting snow. But eventually we did get some pretty good snow. Downtown we watched as it snowed more and more and even started to build up. At about 4:30 our boss came through and said he hadn’t gotten the message that we had been dismissed at 3:00. In the city, the snow was nice, but not that impressive. But as I rode the train home I started seeing how it had built up in the trees. Here is a picture I took from my front yard looking across the street. It was really pretty.


One thought on “Snow Showers

  1. Beautiful picture. I even took pictures last night, and then again this morning as the sun was coming up. It really is dazzling. Can’t help but be in awe of God’s world, even though my moving sale has come to a complete halt!

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