DX and KD reviews

Here is a list of product reviews I have written on DealExtreme and KaiDomain. They don’t have a way of looking them up on their site (or editing them once you have written them, which isn’t so great), unlike Amazon which KaiDomain bases its web design on.


AKOray K-106 3-mode, KD

Trustfire XP-E F23 1xAAA flashlight, DX sku.24291

Ultrafire WF-502B 1×18650 flashlight with XP-G R5 drop-in, DX sku.35074

Ultrafire WF-504B 1×18650 flashlight with XR-E R2 drop-in, DX sku.24200

Uniquefire S10 1xAA flashlight, KD ID 10303

Other things

18650 Charger, DX sku.6105

Universal NiMH/Li-ion Charger, DX sku.14885

NANJG 112A driver, KD ID 10243

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