Bridge Work

After the floods it didn’t seem like very many bridges were washed out, but a few have been identified that they want us to replace. Today my group went out and looked at this bridge. The entire middle support fell over and somehow the bridge stayed up despite having no support. We have to work up plans for a new bridge as soon as possible so that construction can start and we can re-open the road. But meanwhile the road will still be shut for 6-9 months. I don’t want to put on the blog where the road is. These pictures were taken by other people, so I am not in any of them.





2 thoughts on “Bridge Work

  1. Today we finished our bridge plans! Hopefully the project will be advertised to Contractors early next week and then bids will be opened a week later with construction to finish in March.

  2. Tomorrow the brand new bridge will open to traffic. The weather this winter was just terrible, either extremely cold or raining most of the time. But the contractor still met the deadline to have the bridge open 6 months after the floods struck.

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