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I recently let my subscription to the newspaper lapse. They wanted a lot more than I had been paying in the past to resubscribe and their discounts were lousy. Mom showed me a flyer today with a 50% off discount, so I have re-upped. It is for new subscribers, but they had an ominous warning that they would charge for amounts past due (which I have because they always keep delivering the paper after it lapses), so we’ll see what happens with that.

These are 13-week prices, but you can also get 26 weeks for a little less:

7-day: $2.49/wk

Thu-Sun: $2.25/wk

Sunday: $1.47/wk

Just go to ajc.com/discount. You don’t seem to need an offer code, but the one I got from Mom was 2130.

2 thoughts on “AJC Discount

  1. We had also let ours expire. Too expensive for ever shrinking content. But I took advantage of this offer choosing Thur-Sun for 6 monhts. There was a field to put the promo code, so I did that. I wonder if they will auto-bill our credit card at 2X the price in 6 months? Don’t want that.

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