There was a coupon in the paper recently for Trop50, a new orange juice from Tropicana with 50% less sugar. I bought a couple of half gallons of it and gave it a try this morning. It comes in a thinner taller package but otherwise looks just like Tropicana’s orange juice carton (it even has codes you can enter to save 10 square feet of rain forest like the regular juice has).

It tasted like orange juice with a diet aftertaste. I wondered how that worked and whether they were using oranges that weren’t as sweet or something. But when I (finally) looked at the label closely it was really simple: they used 58% less juice. The contents clearly say it is only 42% juice (I usually check this, but the carton threw me) and the first ingredient is water. They use PureVia Reb-A as the sweetener, which is based on Stevia. It may be natural, but it still tastes diet. The FDA banned it until this past December.

That’s the first and last time I will get Trop50.

2 thoughts on “Trop50

  1. Every morning and some evenings, I pour a tall glass 3/4 water and 1/4 orange juice or grapefruit juice on some ice. I call it “Bob’s refreshing drink” because I learned it from him. I think Grant does something like this, too. I figure it is better than flavored water. I don’t even like having straight juice that much anymore. So I’m getting 1/4 the sugar with no aftertaste.

  2. I picked a basketful of the end of our grapefruit a week ago. I decided to make juice out of half the basket. I’m the only one who drinks it so I drank about 3 glasses a day for 3 days. Now I have a canker sore.

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