True Blue Schools

A co-worker and I switched natural gas suppliers at the same time when we got the really good deal from Georgia Natural Gas that I wrote about in October. He told me about a program that GNG has where they will donate $25 to the school of your choice plus $5 per month that you remain a customer. I think he had gotten a card about the program in the mail, but I was able to go to the site and sign up on my own since it doesn’t cost me anything and a school would benefit. I chose my local elementary school.

The program is called True Blue Schools

A week or so later they sent me an e-mail saying thank you for participating and congratulating my local school for getting a total of $0, with $0 earned to date. I think I must have missed the deadline for that quarter’s distribution because they were thanking me for nothing.

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  1. Today I got a notice that Avondale Elementary had received $40 this past quarter. I must be the only person around who donated to them because that would be $25 as an initial gift plus 3 months at $5 per month.

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