On New Years Day, Jami forwarded an e-mail from an old friend of mine from high school who had contacted her asking for my contact info. Since the message had gone through Facebook, I didn’t have an e-mail address for him, so I went to Facebook to see if I could post something to him. But you have to sign up for an account first. So I went ahead and signed up, giving them my name, e-mail, a password, my high school, college, and where I live. Then I had to make that guy my friend to write to him and I gave him my e-mail address.

By the next morning five people put in requests to be my friends. Three of them were people who had gone to my birthday parties when I was like 10 years old, including Joel N. and David M., people I haven’t heard from since high school or even before then since we went our separate ways in high school. Today I got a friend request from a woman I had gone steady with for an hour in 7th grade and who is now married to my AP Biology lab partner. And they can all tell me what they are doing today. What a bizarre thing.

I’ve never joined any sites like this because I don’t really see the point, but it is kind of neat.

5 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. It starts to beg the question, what is friendship? Why is a friend from your 10th year any less than a friend from your 60th, especially if heaven is not bound by time?

    If the two of us can tell a good story or two about something we did together, then we’re friends. I think that includes your lady friend from 7th grade.

    But here’s the real point… if the chips are down and times get tough, I think you can count on all of your Facebook friends to send you a dollar.

  2. I wonder if anybody my age does Facebook. That’s amazing you heard from so many people that quickly. Who did you go steady with for an hour in 7th grade?

  3. Well I’m glad you went to all the trouble 🙂 I find Facebook much more efficient than reading, say, someone’s blog. 😉

    Oh, and you *will* be invited to our next party. So we can see your lovely mug!

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