Danny Immortalized

In November 1999 I went on a day trip one Sunday up to see some covered bridges and take pictures for the web page at work. Jeb checked with Danny to see if he wanted to go and he was up for it, so Danny and I went to go look at bridges. At a bridge near Colbert, east of Athens, we went underneath the bridge so I could get a picture of the rock abutment that the end of the bridge rested on. Danny was wandering around under there too and got into one of the pictures. Most of the pictures on the website were kind of small but you could click on them and see a bigger version of the picture. So for fun I used the picture without Danny for the small picture, but if you clicked on it you saw a bigger picture of the abutment, only with Danny. Several years later our website was revamped and I didn’t want to have to re-write all of the covered bridge web pages, so our IT department took over the pages and rewrote them. Then, last year, we got another makeover, only this time they got rid of all of the pictures. My boss complained to IT that the whole point of the covered bridge website was to see pictures and get maps to the sites and those had been eliminated (and he has to field all of the public’s inquiries about covered bridges). I guess they agreed with this because just recently some of the pictures reappeared along with redrawn maps that look a lot better than the ones that had been done in Paint. The pictures now are small and can’t be clicked on to see bigger ones, but guess who has survived all of the edits and changes of ownership?

Howards Bridge


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