This evening at work Paul was visiting a couple of the groups and looked out my window at the sunset. He pointed out a sundog. I usually kind of ignore stuff like that, but he asked if I knew what a sundog is. I didn’t. He said I should look it up, so I went to Wikipedia really quickly and found an article about them. Only then did I actually look out the window, and there in the clouds about 20 degrees to the left of the setting sun was a bright spot. He said that was the sundog and it was caused by ice crystals in the cloud refracting the sunlight back towards us. The hexagonal shape of a snow crystal bends the light, similar to a rainbow (except rainbows are on the other side of the sky from the sun). Today’s sundog showed a little bit of color refraction, reddish on one side and bluer on the other side. He said there was probably one on the other side of the sun too, so we walked around to another side of the building to go look. Not quite as bright, but there was a spot in the clouds on the right also.

2 thoughts on “Sundog

  1. It’s the first day of a new year and I’ve already learned something that I never heard of, been on a nature walk at a place I’ve never visited, and am getting ready to go see the movie “Marley and Me” with friends and family, and have black eyed peas and other yummy food at C & B tonight. Not a bad start!

    Thanks for sharing the Sun Dog information.

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