I’ve been looking for stuff to watch on Netflix and one neat thing is they have lots of TV series on DVD. Two shows I’ve been thinking about are the Sci Fi channel’s remake of Battlestar Gallactica and NBC’s Heroes, which I never watched despite good reviews and word of mouth (I remember Kathy saying she liked it). I watched the first part of BSG this weekend, which was the opening miniseries (3 hours). It was good, so I’ll go ahead and get the rest of the disks. But this Sunday Target had Heroes on sale for $20, so I figured that was a pretty good deal. There are 7 disks and 23 episodes, so that’s less than a dollar an episode and now I can watch them on the train if I want. I watched the first two episodes and it seems like it could be pretty good. Season 2 was available as well, but because of the writers’ strike there were only 11 episodes, but it was the same price. So maybe eventually I’ll get those disks from Netflix.

Not worth it’s own blog entry, but this weekend I watched a documentary online from Netflix called Helvetica. Yes, it is a whole feature-length film about the font Helvetica. Made in 2007 on the 50th anniversary of the font, it covered the origins of the font in a modernist Swiss workshop, the impact it had and still has, and different graphic designers’ opinions about it. Some like its simplicity and the fact that it doesn’t draw attention to itself, others hate its ubiquity and how generic it is.

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  1. I use my iPod to listen to the NPR Marketplace podcast in my car almost every morning. Takes about 30 seconds to sync in the a.m. How do you (easily?) get the TV show from DVD to iPod to watch on the train?

  2. I’m actually putting it on my Palm because it has a bigger screen than the nano. I’ve been using the same process I talked about here. There is a third tool called the Jodix Free iPod Video Converter that will take the resulting .avi file and convert it to something the iPod can deal with.

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